Frequently Asked Questions
  1. My Account

    • Who can order at Fashionette?

      Our customers have to be at least 18 years old and live in the US to order from our online shop. We only deliver to private households.

    • I forgot my Password, what can I do?

      In case you forgot your password, we can send you a new one via email. Please click on the following link to get your new password

    • How do I close my account at Fashionette?

      You can close your account via email to:

    • How does the customer account work?

      You can create a customer account within a few minutes. You merely need a valid email address and a password. Your customer account enables you to see running as well as closed orders and to look at or change you data.
      For your own safety we must advise you to always modify your data yourself. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center. They will be happy to help you.

    • How safe is my personal data? 

      Our Online Shop is Veri Sign tested. This certificate proofs our identity and our legitimacy. Your customer- and order data is exclusively submitted SSL-encoded. To get further information please see our data privacy statement.

  2. Order / Delivery

    • How do I order at Fashionette?

      1. Select an item
      2. Put the item in your shopping bag and enter your voucher code (if you have one)
      3. Enter your invoice address and (if differing) delivery address
      4. Add payment data
      5. After adding your payment data, please klick on the "Ok, go on" Button
      6. Check your order and close it via the "Buy now" button
      After closing your order, a confirmation E-Mail will be delivered to your declared E-Mail address.
      If you do not get our confirmation email, please check you Spam folder or contact our customer service team.

    • How long does the delivery of my order take?

      If you place your order during weekdays we will try to ship your order at the same day. In case we have any questions regarding your order, we will try to contact you by email. We deliver with FedEx which can take up to 5 working days.

    • Is it possible to repeatedly deliver my order?

      In case FedEx cannot meet you in person, they will try up to two attempts to deliver your order. If they cannot deliver your order, the parcel will be deposit 5 working days before returning to our warehouse. You will receive a failed delivery notice and can call our supplier FedEx.

    • Is it possible to pick up my order in person?

      We ship your items with an external logistics provider, hence it is not possible to pick up your order in person.

    • What does the purchase order status in my customer account mean?

      This information shows the development of your order.
      Mixed: Your order is processed
      Complete: Your order is completely processed
      Closed: Your order reached us as a return and has been correctly returned
      Canceled: Your order could not be shipped. Please see further information in your email inbox

  3. Payment

    • When is the value of my order being charged?

      Generally we charge your order immediately after shipment.

    • Are the shown prices including VAT?

      Yes, all our prices include VAT (varies in countries).

    • Which payment methods do you offer?

      Our customers can choose between the following payment methods:

      - Credit Card (Master, VISA, American Express)

      - PayPal

      - enter a gift certificate

    • What is the CVV- / CVC- card test number?

      On your VISA or MasterCard the card test number is the last three numerics in the signing line on the back of your credit card.
      On an American Express card you will find the four-digit card test number on front.

    • What happens in case of a delayed payment?

      In cases the debit from your credit card was unsuccessful, you will get a friendly reminder email. We will not charge your credit card until you have transferred the open sum or ask us to charge your card again. The administration fees will be charged to you credit card.

    • When do I get the money for my return?

      After we have received your return you will get a confirmation email. It may take up to 14 days to refund the money to your credit card or PayPal account. 

  4. Returns

    • Who is liable for any damage on my product?

      Before you claim any damage on your ordered item(s), please check, whether this damage is a sign of usage or if there is any lack of quality. Fashionette disclaims the liability of damages that are normal signs of usage. Sensitive and fine leathers can have signs of wearing faster than more resistant types of leather, especially on the handle or at the bottom. If your handbag shows any signs of inferior quality please contact our customer service team.

    • I do not like my bag, can I send it back?

      Of course you can! Within 30 days you can send your order back to us.

    • How do I send back items?

      You can send the parcel back with any carrier to the address which is printed on the sticker. We kindly ask for your understanding that all costs of sending the products back, has to be covered by the purchaser.

    • Can I exchange my order?

      If your item does not look like you expected it to (does not have the right size, a different color etc.), please send it back to us. It is not possible to exchange your item against another. Please place a new order to have the right item delivered.

    • Do I have a right of withdrawal at Fashionette?

      Yes, you have. You can resign from your contract within 30 days without a reason. Please write your withdrawal via email, post or Fax to us. Furthermore you can resign from this contract by sending back your ordered item. See more information about our right of withdrawal in our general terms and conditions. Please address your withdrawal at:

      Fashionette GmbH
      Grafenberger Allee 295
      40237 Düsseldorf


      In case we have already charged your credit card, we will of course refund your money within 14 days. 

    • What happens if I remove the Fashionette ID-card?

      Your ordered items can only be returned with their ID-card still on the product. Items have to be unused and reach us within our deadline for returning goods.

  5. Vouchers

    • How do I use my voucher?

      Enter your voucher code in the correspondent field in your shopping bag and klick "use voucher". The value of your voucher will be taken off your order automatically.

    • Can I buy vouchers at Fashionette?

      Right now Fashionette does not offer gift vouchers.

  6. Newsletter

    • What is the newsletter?

      In our newsletter we inform you about our products and trends - of course this service is for free.

    • What are the advantages of subscribing to your newsletter?

      By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive the newest information about our products and promotions. So you can reserve your favored item, before anyone else can see it.

    • How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

      You can subscribe to our newsletter via our "newsletter-sign-up" (on our welcome page) with your email address. Alternatively you can subscribe in your account by choosing "general subscription" under "my newsletters" in your customer settings.

    • How do I sign off from the newsletter?

      In case you would like to sign off from our newsletter please inform us via email at or use the sign-off-link at the end of the newsletter.

  7. Other questions

    • I would like to have a special product

      Please send us your wishes via email. We will ask our buying department if it is possible to add your suggested bags to our product line.

    • Yesterday my favoured bag was still online, today it is gone. Does that mean it is already sold out?

      Unfortunately it does. The number of items of one product varies. Sometimes we only have a very small amount of items. If your favored bag has been reduced, it is possible that it has been sold off very quickly. All bags that are shown in our online shop are available.

    • Do you get subsequent deliveries of the sold out items?

      Please contact us, in case you would like to know if a certain item will be available again. If you have subscribed to our newsletter we will inform you immediately about all our new items in the shop.